Request For Umpires

Hi Guys,

As you probably know I try to organise the umpires for the West Somerset League. I have less and less umpires to choose from each season, we as umpires are getting older and I have lost 4 umpires this season.

If there is anyone in your club who would like to try umpiring. I have not got a problem if they want to try before they take the umpires courses. I would stand them with an experienced umpire who would nurse them through any games they stand in, a person who has played cricket is an advantage as they would have a better knowledge of the game.

If after trying umpiring they enjoy it, the league would pay half of the courses fee, they would then be expected to umpire for the West Somerset League for a minimum of two years.

So PLEASE, PLEASE if there is anyone in your club who would like to give it a go get in touch with me either by email at or by phone on 01823 279918.

I really would like to hear from anyone interested please.

Stuart Allbut WSCL Umpire Organiser.